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2016 USAT Nationals Results


Joseph Boden (USTC – Aurora) – Gold
Tammy Cisneros (ESA) – Bronze
Ahmad Dastgeer (Elite Martial Arts) – Gold
Patti Nation (Not Affiliated) – Silver
Ashley Choi (Iron Horse) – Silver
Aaliyah Rodrakkwan (The Rock) – Gold
Jaden Lundell (Not Affiliated) – Gold
Isaac Vigil (MYT) – Silver
Andrew Gorovoy (ESA) – Bronze
Angelica Nuñez (CTA) – Bronze
Apolonia McCollum(USTC) – Bronze
Cameron Bannister Weber(Kim & Cam) – Gold
Jennifer Mejia (The Rock) – Silver
Yazzmine Rodrakkwan (The Rock) – Bronze
Daisy Mejia (The Rock) – Bronze
Torrey Forseth (USTC – Aurora) – Bronze
Colin Morrison (Not Affiliated) – Silver
San Kim (Iron Horse) – Gold
Nathan Aranzamendi (A-Team) – Bronze
Justin Lee (USTC) – Bronze
Madelynn Gorman-Shore(The Rock) – Gold
Bruce Mejia (The Rock) – Bronze
Gabriel Godoy (MYT) – Bronze
Grace Kosloski (Not Affiliated) – Gold
Joshua Kosloski (Not Affiliated) – Silver


Brendan Byrne (Littleton TKD) – Silver
Katie Hunger (KAT) – Bronze

Board Breaking

Ahmad Dastgeer (Elite Martial Arts) – Gold

Demo Team

White Dragons (USTC) – Silver

Thank You

Additionally, kudos go out to the referees from Colorado who worked very hard to keep the competition fair and running smoothly:

  • Angela Hammil DeOliveira- Vice Referee Chair
  • Alyssa Allen
  • Tony Genella
  • Paul J Kimmich
  • Carolyn Ramon Nuñez
  • Andre Deoliveira
  • Douglas Gulick