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Membership Benefits

There are many benefits a Dojang/School Owner may elect to become part of the Colorado State Association. The cost to sign up is $50/year, which is payable 12 months from your enrollment date.
Below are just a few of the many benefits you will receive:
  1. First and foremost your joining COSTA is a show of support and solidarity to help develop a vibrant State Association! Your support will inspire our young bright minds to dream of becoming the next US Olympian.
  2. Recognition of your club on the newly revamped COSTA web site! Your school will be featured as a registered school with a right to vote at our board of governor meetings!
  3. You will have the ability to bring a COSTA or sanctioned 5 hr clinic to your school. These 5hr clinics are highly advertised via email, Facebook, our web site. These clinics are a blast and create a True Colorado Team!
  4. As a registered school you will be notified 1st of all meetings, events, clinics, and tournaments!
  5. Registered schools will be allowed to bring one banner (up to 3′ X 8′) to display at the COSTA State Championship, the banner can be a school banner or an upcoming event banner.
  6. Registered schools will receive a certificate of membership at the state championship to proudly display in their schools!
  7. Registered schools will be allowed to have their COSTA approved tournaments on the COSTA Events Calendar