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Mission Statement

The Colorado State Taekwondo or COSTA’s purpose is to promote and sponsor the sport of Taekwondo within the State of Colorado and throughout the United States. It is intended that the Corporation reach out to as many Taekwondo schools as possible within the State of Colorado. COSTA will function as a USA-Taekwondo (USAT) grassroots organization whose primary function is to develop Taekwondo by means of the National Governing Body. USAT sanctioning and memberships will be required for participation both state and national COSTA events.


  1. To develop interest and participation of the Sport Taekwondo in the State of Colorado, and in national and international Taekwondo competitions, for amateur athletes.
  2. To keep amateur athletes involved in Taekwondo informed of domestic and international (World Taekwondo Federation and Pan American Taekwondo Union) policy matters and to reasonably reflect the views of such athletes in its policy decisions.
  3. To hold an amateur state competition in Colorado or to sponsor same.
  4. To sponsor, when budget allow, State of Colorado Taekwondo athletes in national or international Taekwondo competitions.
  5. To provide equitable support and encouragement for participation in programs for female and male Colorado resident Taekwondo athletes without discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation or national origin.
  6. To encourage, promote, sponsor, and support publications, institute clubs, clinics, seminars, establishment of scholarships and institution of training aids. This is meant to include training of referees, coaches, other Taekwondo officials,as well as amateur Taekwondo athletes.
  7. To encourage and promote the research, development, and educational idealism of the Martial Arts of Taekwondo in the state, nation, and the world.
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