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Master Cliff Hong, Treasurer

 Colorado native who began his taekwondo career in 1984 as a teenager at Nam’s Taekwondo Academy, studying under Master Sang Kook Nam, the eldest son of GrandMaster Nam Tae Hi.
 1987 he earned is 1st DAN black belt and began training to become an instructor as well as competing in numerous local and national level tournaments.
 1989, he earned his 2nd DAN black belt. During this time he trained with GrandMaster Bobby Clayton and the All Army Taekwondo team and became the instructor of Nam’s Taekwondo Academy. He continue to compete in local and regional level tournaments.
 1992, he earned his 3rd DAN black belt and stopped competing to focus on instructing and training full time.
  1998, Master Hong earned his 4th DAN black belt. He continued to focus his efforts on teaching full time and working out by himself to further his development.
 2002, Master Hong earned his 5th DAN black belt 
 2005, was forced to close the school that he grew up in and teamed up with APEX Taekwondo Academy.
 2006, he assumed the role of master instructor at APEX Taekwondo Academy.
 2009 he earned his 6th DAN black belt and took over daily operations of APEX Taekwondo Academy.
Actively involved in COSTA for the last 4 years and looks to help COSTA continue to improve in the coming years.