Thinking of You, Checking In

Dear Taekwondo Family,

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy. We’re taking a moment to check in and say that we are thinking of all Taekwondo Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, Coaches, Athletes and families during this time. Our hope is that we can all return to normalcy soon so we can go back to working with students, preparing athletes and most of all impacting our pupils by teaching them the way through martial arts discipline and mentality.

We want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of the Taekwondo Masters who are trying to keep the martial arts alive by doing what they can to continue their students martial arts education, whether it is through online classes, recorded lessons or private lessons. Stay strong and know that your students are thankful for your efforts. Together, we can overcome this pandemic!

We would also like to recognize all those students in the graduating class of 2020, both high school AND college! Please help us by:

1. Sending us 1 baby or childhood photo
2. Sending us 1 senior, graduation or Taekwondo photo
3. The school you’re graduating from, major if you’re graduating from college, if attending college, where you will be attending!

Please send it to Master Sean Jung, Chris Endo on facebook or send to us via email at by Tuesday, May 19!  

Wishing all Taekwondo Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, Coaches, Athletes and families the best in all of the chaos. Stay safe and healthy everyone!


Grandmaster Ki Soo Jung and members of the COSTA Board

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